Create multiple sObjects with one create() call

I have been playing with the partner wsdl a lot lately. One of the things that I was trying to do was to create an Account, Contact and Opportunity object with one create() call to avoid calling the api multiple times.

After some digging I came across the create() api documentation that has a very good example of how you can create an Account and Opportunity using external id. I wrote the following the code the inserts all three objects with one create() call. Hope this helps some intrepid developer who is trying to do something similar.

// Create the connection object
    ConnectorConfig connector = new ConnectorConfig();
    PartnerConnection sourceConnection = new PartnerConnection(connector);

    // Set the allOrNone header to true to make the call atomic

    // Create the SObjects array   
    SObject[] sObjects = new SObject[3];
    // Create Account sObject
    SObject parentAccount = new SObject();
    parentAccount.setField("Name", "TestAccount1");
    parentAccount.setField("AcctExtId__c", "ACCT EXTID 1");
    sObjects[0] = parentAccount;

    // parent account reference - set the ext id same as above
    SObject parentAccountRef = new SObject();
    parentAccountRef.setField("AcctExtId__c", "ACCT EXTID 1");

    // Create Contact sObject
    SObject childContact = new SObject();
    childContact.setField("LastName", "TestContact1");
    childContact.setField("ContExtId__c", "CONT EXTID 1");
    // Assign the Account field to the account ref
    childContact.setField("Account", parentAccountRef);
    sObjects[1] = childContact;

    // Create Opportunity sObject
    SObject childOpp = new SObject();
    childOpp.setField("Name", "TestOpportunity1");
    Calendar dt = sourceConnection.getServerTimestamp().getTimestamp();
    dt.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 7);
    childOpp.setField("CloseDate", dt);
    childOpp.setField("StageName", "Prospecting");
    childOpp.setField("OppExtId__c", "OPP EXTID 1");
    childOpp.setField("Account", parentAccountRef);
    sObjects[2] = childOpp;

    String result;
    // call the create method
    SaveResult[] results = sourceConnection.create(sObjects);
    // log the output
    for (int j = 0; j < results.length; j++) {
      if (results[j].isSuccess()) {
          result = results[j].getId();
          logger.debug("sobject was created with an ID of: " + result);
       } else {
          // There were errors during the create call,
          // go through the errors array and write
          // them to the console
          for (int i = 0; i < results[j].getErrors().length; i++) {
              Error err = results[j].getErrors()[i];
              logger.debug("Errors were found on item " + j);
              logger.debug("Error code: " + err.getStatusCode().toString());
              logger.debug("Error message: " + err.getMessage());

Some things to note:

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