Pro-tip - Show Hidden Folder in Finder

Recently, I wanted to install a new stencil for Omnigraffle, and the suggested installation folder was ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils directory. So, I proceeded to download the stencil zip file in my Downloads folder, and opened Finder to move the file from the Downloads folder to the suggested folder, and to my surprise I couldn’t find the Library folder anywhere in my home directory in Finder.


I realized that Library is a hidden folder and is not displayed by default in Finder, but I couldn’t figure out how to display and access this folder in Finder. Now, I could have used the terminal and just copied the file using the cp command, but I wanted to know if I can do this using Finder. So I used Google-fu to find the solution to this problem, and to my amazement the solution is clunky at best, and unintuitive at worst. So, to access the hidden folder, you have to open Finder, and select the relevant parent folder that contains the hidden folder. In my case the hidden folder Library was inside my home directory, so I selected the home directory. Then select the Go option in the Finder menu bar, and click alt(also called Option ⌥) key to show the hidden folder(s).


Isn’t Mac supposed to be user-friendly for non-technical folks?

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